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Dashcon 2014

So yeah, you’ve probably heard about the disaster that was Dashcon by now.

First of all, as an artist set up there, let me just thank the wonderful fans for all the support! It was thanks to you guys that the weekend wasn’t a disaster for us. You rawk. \(^0^)人(^0^)/

To anyone who got scammed by the higher ups (whether you think they did it intentionally or not), I’m sorry and I hope the rest of the summer goes better for you guys. And seriously guys, let’s stop spitting on the con-goers and the fans for the 17000 fiasco; that’s pretty much victim blaming. You know, that thing that, as forward-thinking feminists, we agree is a despicable thing to do.

And to those who had a good time with your friends despite any con shortcomings, I’m really happy for you guys and we need more of your adorable positive attitudes in the world. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

And last of all, out of curiosity, how many of you are boycotting this thing forever? And how many, in contrast, are looking forward to the train wreck next year?




Not sure why but this is how my phone took a picture of lightning

Looks like it took half of this world, and half of a dark world.

It’s so rad and creepy, gives the spook chills

Science side here: The flash coming off of the lightning is very fast. Your phonecamera’s shutter actually takes the photo from side to side. The flash of lightning (or perhaps another lightning) struck while it was in the middle of photographing, leaving half of the photo being from before the flash, and the other half during it.

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